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  • Booty Builder Belt Squat Machines

    Booty Builder Belt Squat

    Deep range of motion without putting the strain on your shoulders, spine, and lower back. Multiple rack support and belt positioning to suit all heights. Multiple function with barbell attachment for deadlifts, rows etc. Cushioned belt for extra comfort. Transport wheels to move around if required. Large storage rack to store weights. Resistance Bands able…

  • Booty Builder Bench Machines

    Booty Builder Bench

    Barebell hip thrust made easy. Greater range of motion A hip thrust bench allows you to perform the exercise with a more extensive range of motion than you might be able to achieve on the floor. This can help you better engage the glutes and hamstrings and improve your overall results. More stability The bench…

  • Booty Builder Hack Squat Machines

    Booty Builder Hack Squat

    Targeted muscle activation The hack squat machine allows for a more targeted activation of the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings, which can lead to better muscle development and strength gains. Reduced stress on the lower back Compared to traditional barbell squats, the hack squat machine can help reduce the stress on the lower back. This can…

  • Booty Builder Platinum V4 Machines

    Booty Builder Platinum V4

    Booty Builder® PLATINUM is our new and innovative plate loaded machine, which makes hip-thrusting safe, easy and fun, on a minimal footprint. See video: How it’s made Booty Builder Platinum provides the ultimate glute workout with its patented raised feet design allowing for a deeper range of movement and constant resistance for better results. The…

  • Booty Builder Selectorized Back Extension Machines

    Booty Builder Selectorized Back Extension

    The BB back extension eliminates the struggle gripping weight plates / kettle bells for added resistance, when performing the hyperextension exercise. The Selectorized Back Extension machine, allows you to conveniently hold onto a barebell for the added resistance, and avoids weights being dropped to the floor. The multiple height adjustments is ideal for any user,…

  • Booty Builder Standing Abductor Machines

    Booty Builder Standing Abductor

    Optimum muscle activation for upper and side glutes. Improves hip mobility and balance while strengthening core stability. Multiple hand positions design for comfort and variation. Large footplate and thick padding for safety and comfort. Load with weight plates and resistance bands. Compact design. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ASSEMBLY SIZE L 1625 x W 584 x H 1498…

  • Booty Builder Standing Hip Thrust Machines

    Booty Builder Standing Hip Thrust

    Great introductory and variation to the traditional hip thrust exercise. Most comfortable way to hip thrust, thick padding for pelvic support. Multiple hand positions design for comfort and variation. Load with weight plates and resistance bands. Compact design. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ASSEMBLY SIZE L 1143 x W 1092 x H 1422 mm / L 45″ x…

  • Booty Builder V8 Machines

    Booty Builder V8

    The Booty Builder® V8 is our latest innovation. It is built on experience from our seven previous models. BB V8 is totally redesigned. It takes less space and footprint than our previous models. Easier to adjust and faster setup! Booty Builder makes hip-thrusting safer, faster and more effective. The patented raised feet design puts you…

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