Everything you need for home training!

  • 6 BANDS WITH DIFFERENT STRENGH LEVELS. FROM XX-LIGHT TO X-HARD. Use the resistance that suits you and your exercise program best, and increase in progression in no time!
  • FAT GRIPS. Comfortable rubber grips that protect your hands and take your training to a whole other level. Contributes to better contact and activates the forearms. Easy to carry, can be used on all bands and almost all barbells!
  • TRAIN ANYWHERE. With the BootyBuilder Power Band Kit you can train anywhere, whether it is at the gym, at home in the living room, out in nature, or on holiday. With these high-quality bands, there are no limits or excuses not to get the workout done.
  • COMPACT AND PRACTICAL. These exclusive rubber bands come in a practical and cool bag that ensures easy storage and protection against UV rays.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE. Even the toughest of athletes will get a great workout with these advanced resistance bands. Whether you’re a beginner or a advanced, Booty Builder Power Bands will help you achieve your goals!


  • XXLIGHT: 5-15lb / 2-7 kg
  • XLIGHT: 10-35lb / 4-15 kg
  • LIGHT: 18-45lb / 8-20 kg
  • MEDIUM: 35-85lb / 15-39 kg
  • HARD: 55-125lb / 22-56 kg
  • XHARD: 65-175lb / 29-80 kg


  • FAT GRIPS: 5in x 2in / 12,5 cm x 5 cm
  • ORANGE CARRY BAG: 13in x 13in / 35 cm x 35 cm

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Booty Builder Power Band Kit

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